Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chapter 1

October 31, 1998, 12:02

"Calm down, we are going to save your baby." said the doctor. "My baby is going to die, help!" Martha cried. "We are going to save your baby. Stay calm. Now push." Martha kept pushing. Her face was red and she was in great pain. "The baby is crowing. Keep pushing." Martha pushed and then came the baby. Martha was trying to catch her breath. The baby cried and cried. "Her name is Roman. Roman Zolanski." Martha said weakly. After footprinting the baby, she was left alone. 

Martha suddenly saw a black mist. "Maybe I was pushing too hard." Martha said to herself. Then, the black mist hovered over little Roman. "Hey, what are you doing?" Martha asked. Another black mist came and attacked Martha. "Let me go right this minute!" Martha screamed. She kept moving and struggling to break out. Martha passed out and the black mist entered though Roman's mouth.

October 19th, 2013

 "Roman, it's Sunday! You know what time it is!" "No!" Roman said. "I'm tired. Can we do next Sunday?" "No, we must go to church every Sunday. You need to live up to your religion." Martha scolded. "It's just church! It's stupid and boring. Everything that they say is full of crap!"  Roman yelled. "I have no choice then." Martha said. Martha walked up the stairs and grabbed Roman by her shirt. "You are going today!" Martha screamed. "Ugh, fine. But I better get something in return." Roman gave up and got dressed for church. She put on a black dress with black stocking and black slip ons. "Are you ready?" Martha asked. "Yeah." Roman said. Roman looked at the mirror for a split second. She saw black mist. She touched the mirror. Nothing was on her hand. "Maybe I'm just hallucinating." Roman said. She walked out of the house with her mom.

"Mom, I need to go to the bathroom." Roman asked when she reached church. "Make it quick." Martha warned. Roman ran to the bathroom until her mom was out of sight. The Sunday church session began and Roman was finally able to get out. She walked back home since her church was only a block away. She picked up a lighter and went up to her mother's bedroom. She took her mother's bible and burned it. It was like killing something that was already dead. Then she took the cross decorations and it smashed to the ground. Roman ran downstairs to the kitchen and plunged a knife into her hand. It was deep enough to leave a gushing amount of blood flowing and exposed to the earth but not to leave a hole in her hand. She dipped her finger into her blood and spread it onto the wall. She wrote on her mom's bedroom door, "Hail Satan". She closed it and she began to spread it some more. She lit black candles in the living room and then left the house. 

She walked back to the church but stopped someone. "Hey, sir. I need your help." Roman asked. "What is it?" he answered. Roman partially stabbed herself on the thigh. "Stand right there as I fall." Roman said weakly. She passed out and the man stood there. He knelt down and everyone was watching. Black mist appeared. No one else but Roman saw it. Everyone blamed the man and branded him a killer. So, an ambulance came onto the scene minutes later. Roman was taken to the nearest hospital. Martha came out and she began to cry...